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Organic Skin Care Tips:
1- For those suffering from acne. Take a clove of garlic and apply that three times a day for a week on your pimples. They will disappear without a mark. If its persistent acne. take a tablet of garlic too everyday. Garlic is an antiseptic and it works wonders.
2- A mini pedicure: Take a tub of hot water. Add lemon juice,salt and few mint(invigorating ) or lavender oil (relaxing).Soak feet for 15mins.Take out one foot at a time, dry and massage with a scrub (try Herbicles Jasmine Scrub or Herbicles Mint Scrub).Clean feet .Apply Herbicles Skin Shiner Lotion.Clean toe nails. File into shape when dry. Never file wet,softened nails.
3- For all acne prone people: invest in an aloe vera plant. Make it a habit of cutting of a bit of the stem and applying the transparent gel in it to your face atleast twice a week like a mask. Notice fresher skin within a month.
P.S. Don't forget to wash off after it dries.
P.P.S. Pls offer your comments if you try any tip.
4- Simple face mask: Take an egg white. Add few drops of lemon. Whisk and apply to your face and neck. Relax and dont move ur face muscles till its dry. Its an important mask to keep your skin tight . Do it on a regular basis twice a week.
5- Ever had to rush out the door without brushing your teeth. Eat an apple. Forgot to buy your toothpaste? Use baking soda and salt for an instant shine. Out of deodorant? Use alum (phatkari as a natural deodorant) Dry hands and cracked heels? Apply Vaseline at night , wear socks and sleep.
6- A tip for the softest of feet.Take some petroleum jelly at night and massage well onto the feet, esp heels. Wear socks and go to sleep. Experience soft ,smooth and fair feet in just a few days.
7- Dandruff bothering you? Take half a cup of yogurt( or less depending on your hair lenght), add a beaten egg ( i know sounds yucky but really works), a few drops of lemon and if you are lucky enough to have an aloe vera plant in your garden, take out the transparent goooey stuff fom the middle and add about a teaspoon. Mix well. Try not to smell it and layer it in your hair. Amazing results.
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