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Means Of Achieving Detecting Pregnancy

by apurva


It is beneficial to learn the dos and don'ts while trying to have a baby and to recognize probable conception through early pregnancy symptoms. Pregnancy week by week guides provide valuable information regarding pregnancy symptoms.

Pregnancy brings unmatched joy and exhilaration in a woman's life. Every woman looks forward to this wonderful experience. Most of them do not find it difficult to conceive a baby. However, there are a large number of women who face difficulties in achieving pregnancy. If you are planning to have a baby shortly or are already in the process of trying, it is beneficial for you to understand the correct approach to have a baby. It is equally important to be aware of the early pregnancy symptoms. Because if you do not exercise due caution in the early stages of pregnancy, you may inadvertently cause harm to the new life taking form inside you.

Most of the couples do not face any problem in conceiving baby, especially young couples. However, if you are not successful in your initial attempts, this is no cause for panic. In fact getting panicky would further reduce the chances of conception. It can sometimes take as long as a year to two years even for a normal couple to achieve pregnancy. Most of you must be aware that pregnancy takes place when a man's sperm meets the egg that a female ovulates inside her uterus. However, the egg has a very limited lifespan - approximately 24 hours. The sperm, however, can survive inside the uterus for a period of maximum 48 hours. There is no way of knowing exactly when this duration of 48 hours is. It can only be guessed.

Therefore, if you are unable to make a baby, it may be because you are missing having sex during this period. To overcome this problem, try having sex around your fertile period i.e. from day 10 to 18 since the commencement of your last menses. For best results, have sex on alternate days. This will keep the male's sperm count high. If you still fail to conceive within a year, seek medical advice.

Recognize The Symptoms:

Extreme care needs to be taken in the early days of pregnancy. So it is vital for you to be aware of your being pregnant as early as possible. Since you cannot run to a test lab every month, it is beneficial to learn to recognize the early pregnancy symptoms or changes in your body, mood, and appetite. Some of the pregnancy symptoms include nausea/vomiting, enhanced sense of smell and taste, frequent urination, breast tenderness, and the most important of them all - missed period.

About the Author:

For more details, you may refer to pregnancy week by week guides or pregnancy calendars. These are available in forms of booklets in stores as well as on Internet. For more information about stages of pregnancy, pregnancy symptoms and other related issues.


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