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Pakistani Drama
Although it has hints of Indian movies in it but it's still a good drama. Produced by Islamabad center. It looks at a mother's struggle to find her children. At the end it renews the viewer's faith in God. Fairly nice acting by the leading lady
The story is interlinked around two families. It is shot in Scotland, Ireland and Pakistan and is the first Pakistani serial to be filmed entirely on a digital camera. The title song by Ali Azmat is pretty amazing too.
The character that comes across as a fairly strong and realistic one is that of Qutub sahab. He does a fine job in his small role. The play was a bit confusing to me because I couldn't figure out why a guy would marry someone because he likes her and then treat her like Aafaq does Faree. Nobody leaves their wife on the night of the wedding to go drop off their mother! - quite a ridiculous scenario. Aafaq has this huge ego which he can't get rid off and Faree is raised in a rich and sheltered enviornment and has no manners whatsoever.
Alpha, Bravo, Charlie
A lot of new people who are real life military personnel. Produced by the ever famous Shoaib Mansoor (Ankahi, Fifty fifty). This has been a much awaited play. It's a sequel to Suharay Din which he did a few years ago (also on military life). The play caught the audience and media's attention before it even got started because it is filmed on location in many places. The play realistically portrays military life, both the emotional and physical aspects of it. The cinematography is awesome! The actors are great! The whole play is very well directed, acted, and produced. Much awaited to be released on's finally available! Go out and rent it because it's not one to be missed especially if you need a few good laughs
Angar wadi
It is a play on the Kasmiri situation. It is a very good play with many harsh truths and for that reason it's very depressing with all the helpless situations for Kashmiri muslims. But it ends with good hopes for the future of Kashmir
Ae Dil Kisi ki Yaad Mein
The story revolves around a famous architect Ali (Noman Aijaz) who falls madly in love with Zara (Salma Hasan). They get married and start leading a very happy life. Soon they have a son Hani (Abbas) and life is perfect till one day Zara dies in an accident. Ali is heartbroken and gets lost in himself, ignoring his son at times. His uncle (Qazi Wajid) and auntie (Zaheen Tahira) ask him to re-marry. Both of them and his son are interested in Hani's tuition teacher Nadia, but Ali after much thought decides to get engaged to Farishtay, who is a busy socialite and pretty unsuitable for Hani. What happens next as Hani decides to take things in his own hands remains to be seen. The first half of the serial is all mushy romance while the later part of the serial has a great resemblance to "Sleepless in Seattle
Abid Ali and Jahanara Hai have four daughters, Malaika (Amna Hussain), Sajjal (Ayesha Khan), Alishba (Aminah Haq) and Laiba (Fiza Ali), who are all getting married on the same day. Three of them, Malaika, Sajjal and Laiba have chosen their own partners while Alishba’s wedding is an arranged one, to her father’s friend (Qazi Wajid’s) son Rameez (Aijaz Aslam). They get married and then each has to face their own difficulties, in marriage. Malaika’s husband, Adnan Siddiqui, is a financially weak person and wants Malaika’s father to set him up financially. His demands start from the very beginning, creating problems for Malaika. Rameez was in love with another girl Ramsha and was forced by his parents, Qazi Wajid and Ayesha Khan, to marry Alishba. He marries her and then leaves the house on his wedding night.
Chand Sa Mukhra
Ali Haider (Aamir) is an engineer, but he does nothing. Tahira Wasti is his mother. Ali is neglected in the house because of him doing nothing after completing his education. Especially his father is always mad at him. Urooj is his cousin who comes to Pakistan from USA. Her parents send her so she can find a suitable husband and get married. Ali always teases her but from the inside he really loves her. The story progresses from there. I don't want to spoil the ending for anybody incase you get to see it
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