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Women Magazin in Urdu and English. in this magzine you will find woman magazen stuff in Urdu and English. You will also find fashion, jewelry, Indian women health, beauty, clothes, mehndi, Pakistani recipes, Urdu jokes and other woman stuff.
Bakra Eid Recipes in Urdu
bakra eid recipe - 001 ( Chanp) bakra eid recipe - 002 ( Qemay ka Pulaoo)
bakra eid recipe - 003 (Spaghetti Kabab) bakra eid recipe - 004( Nehari)
bakra eid recipe - 005 (Qema Kabab) bakra eid recipe - 006(Bhona Ghost)
bakra eid recipe - 007 (Balayedar Kabab) bakra eid recipe - 008 (Karhayee ghost)
bakra eid recipe - 009 (Tikka boti) bakra eid recipe - 010 (khary masaly ka ghost)
bakra eid recipe - 011 (Behari kabab) bakra eid recipe - 012 (Chicken tikka)
bakra eid recipe - 013( chicken katakat) bakra eid recipe - 014(Seekh Kabab)
bakra eid recipe - 015 (Zafrani tikka) bakra eid recipe - 016 ( Shai kabab)
bakra eid recipe - 017 (beef kabab) bakra eid recipe - 018(Peshawari Kabab)
bakra eid recipe - 019 ( pharai mirchy) bakra eid recipe - 020(Shami Kabab)
bakra eid recipe - 021 (Potay kay Tikkay) bakra eid recipe - 022( Biryani)
bakra eid recipe - 023 (Chatni Kabab) bakra eid recipe - 024(Pahari tikky)
bakra eid recipe - 025 ( Qemay ka Pulaoo) bakra eid recipe - 026(Ghost Kabab)
bakra eid recipe - 029(Shahi Kabab) bakra eid recipe - 030(Dil ky tikky)
bakra eid recipe - 031( Alo Qemay ki Puri) bakra eid recipe - 032(PaneeriKabab)
bakra eid recipe - 033 (Gurdo tikky) bakra eid recipe - 034(Ghost tamato)
bakra eid recipe - 035 (Boti Kabab) bakra eid recipe - 036(Tikky)
bakra eid recipe - 037 ( Kofty) bakra eid recipe - 038 (Golay Kabab)
bakra eid recipe - 039 (Pahari tikky) bakra eid recipe - 040 ( Kalejee)
Biryani Korma Qeemay kay pulao Kofty shahi kabab Seekh kabab Chicken Tikka Nehari Qema kabab Behari tikka Boti Kabab Qurbani ki kaleji Tikkay Gurdo tikkay beef kabablShami kabab Chanp
Bakra Eid Recipes in English
hara-keema hunter-beef
Ilaichi-Gosht Mutton Raan Cold Roast Platter
imli-tamarind-beef jali-waley-beef-cutlets
kareli-ka-rogan-josh Khara-Masala-Gosht
kid-nu-gosht Kofta-nahari-Chana
Lamb-Jalfarazi Lasagna
Lasagne magaz-kalia
Meat-Loaf mustard-curry
mutton-jalfrazi Mutton-leg-Roast
Nahari-Gosht nargisi-kofta
Pickled-mince-meat Qandhari-Roast
qurbani-ki-kaleji raan-e-dumpukht
rara-meat Rich-Mutton-Curry
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