The 99 Beautiful Names of Allah with Urdu and English Meanings



 ALLAH Name-001 ALLAH Name-002 ALLAH Name-003 ALLAH Name-004 ALLAH Name-005
ALLAH Name-006 ALLAH Name-007 ALLAH Name-008 ALLAH Name-009 ALLAH Name-010
ALLAH Name-011 ALLAH Name-012 ALLAH Name-013 ALLAH Name-014 ALLAH Name-015
ALLAH Name-016 ALLAH Name-017 ALLAH Name-018 ALLAH Name-019 ALLAH Name-020
ALLAH Name-021 ALLAH Name-022 ALLAH Name-023 ALLAH Name-024 ALLAH Name-025
ALLAH Name-026 ALLAH Name-027 ALLAH Name-028 ALLAH Name-029 ALLAH Name-030
ALLAH Name-031 ALLAH Name-032 ALLAH Name-033 ALLAH Name-034 ALLAH Name-035
ALLAH Name-036 ALLAH Name-037 ALLAH Name-038 ALLAH Name-039 ALLAH Name-040
ALLAH Name-041 ALLAH Name-042 ALLAH Name-043 ALLAH Name-044 ALLAH Name-045
ALLAH Name-046 ALLAH Name-047 ALLAH Name-048 ALLAH Name-049 ALLAH Name-050
ALLAH Name-051 ALLAH Name-052 ALLAH Name-053 ALLAH Name-054 ALLAH Name-055
ALLAH Name-056 ALLAH Name-057 ALLAH Name-058 ALLAH Name-059 ALLAH Name-060
ALLAH Name-061 ALLAH Name-062 ALLAH Name-063 ALLAH Name-064 ALLAH Name-065
ALLAH Name-066 ALLAH Name-067 ALLAH Name-068 ALLAH Name-069 ALLAH Name-070
ALLAH Name-071 ALLAH Name-072 ALLAH Name-073 ALLAH Name-074 ALLAH Name-075
ALLAH Name-076 ALLAH Name-077 ALLAH Name-078 ALLAH Name-079 ALLAH Name-080
ALLAH Name-081 ALLAH Name-082 ALLAH Name-083 ALLAH Name-084 ALLAH Name-085
ALLAH Name-086 ALLAH Name-087 ALLAH Name-088 ALLAH Name-089 ALLAH Name-090
ALLAH Name-091 ALLAH Name-092 ALLAH Name-093 ALLAH Name-094 ALLAH Name-095
ALLAH Name-096 ALLAH Name-097 ALLAH Name-098 ALLAH Name-099 ALLAH Name-0100
Islam : is a monotheistic religion based upon the Qur'an, which adherents believe was sent by God (Arabic: Allāh) through Muhammad. Followers of Islam, known as Muslims (Arabic), believe Muhammad to have been God's final prophet; most of them see the historic record of the actions and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad related in the Sunnah and Hadith as indispensable tools for interpreting the Qur'an.

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