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In this page you will find food and astrology, Food and mood, women face care, Pakistani and Indian Mehndi, women health, recipes, diet nutrition, Indian actress, dream, Bollywood and women shopping.

Food and Mood: Protein foods are broken down into their amino acid building blocks during digestion. One amino acid.......

Face Care To look gorgeous and graceful all that you have to do is spend little time every day for nourishing and caring for your skin. ..................

Diet & Nutrition: The word "protein" is derived from the Greek word "proteios", which means primary or holding first place. It is the most important cell constituent............

Beauty Tips :For oily skins, you can mix one-tablespoon rose water with one teaspoon lemon juice or tomato juice. Mix well and use this to cleanse...........

Dream Expiation in Urdu:

you watch sweet dream and we are tell your dream expiation. so why you are late? watch a dream and login  this page .




Woman Corner

 Skin Care for Women

Beauty for women Question & Answer in Urdu

 Beauty tips


Women Mehndi: It is the most detailed and intricate, as well as, the most time consuming and exhausting design to produce for the artist......

Food&Astrology: Aries likes variety...Taurus has a sweet tooth,...Gemini is always on the go....Cancer is a homebody that....Libra gets two of everything in a meal...............

Recipes: Pakistani food recipe in Urdu and also cooking in language recipe Urdu. this section You read tasty eastern cooking style is new mood. include Chinese food............

Women Shopping: As many women would say, shopping for clothes can be lots of fun! We've all had our doses of retail therapy in the past... and with the vast selection available.......

Indian Actress: The most beautiful  and  talented Indian actresses including Juhi  Chawla,  Karisma Kapoor,  Preity  Zinta, Lisa Ray, malika sherwat, katrina  kaif,  Prianka

Women Magazin in Urdu and English. in this magzine you will find woman stuff in Urdu and English. You will also find fashion, jewelry, Indian women health, beauty, clothes, mehndi, Pakistani recipes, Urdu jokes and other woman stuff.


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